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Pack Mule welcomes Richie Neal

Wesley International welcomes Richie Neal as the new Director of Dealer Development for Pack Mule.

SCOTTDALE, GEORGIA – NOVEMBER 3, 2017 – Wesley International welcomes Richie Neal as the new Director of Dealer Development for Pack Mule. Richie comes to us from Carolina Handling, LLC, and brings with him an excellent reputation and successful track record within the industry. Richie has over a decade of experience working for and with heavy equipment dealers. From developing individual business relationships as a sales rep to handling corporate rentals and asset management, Richie’s unique perspective and understanding of the industry is reflected in his effective recommendations and cost saving solutions.

“We are pleased to welcome Richie to the Pack Mule team” said Andrew Prosser, Sales Manager at Pack Mule. “He brings with him a deep appreciation for the importance of empowering dealers and their sales staff to succeed, and that is exactly what has been driving the consistent growth in year-over-year sales by the Pack Mule dealer organization. He will be building on the success we have experienced based on the training and sales support that we provide. We partner with them to help make every sale.”

“I’m delighted to join the Pack Mule team because of their dedication to providing dealers not only the best in class electric industrial vehicles and towable carts, but also the support they need to translate this advantage into sales to happy customers. The combination of offering the industry leading run-time and warranty as well as the most maintenance free vehicles and carts on the market today provides dealers with a compelling value proposition to offer their customers” said Richie.

A native of South Carolina, Richie is happily married with two kids and is known to enjoy a few rounds of golf in his spare time. Pack Mule looks forward to working with Richie to continue the growth and development of our proactive dealer network.

About Pack Mule

Wesley International began operations just outside Atlanta, Georgia more than 50 years ago as a producer of standard pallet trucks (Pallet Mule) and expanded it’s product line to include electric vehicles in the 1970s (Pack Mule). Pack Mule offers a complete line of electric utility vehicles and towable carts designed to enhance lean manufacturing and distribution channels. Known for their dedicated customer service and longest, most comprehensive warranty in the industry, Pack Mule is considered the greatest value in the utility vehicle market and the custom equipment provider of choice for many users both inside and outside the United States.

Pack Mule shows new A/C Vehicles, Trailers at Pack Expo 2017

In a trade show with more than 2,000 exhibitors of packaging equipment, the Pack Mule booth stands out.  Wesley International LLC, manufacturer of the Pack Mule line of material handling equipment, is showing its new NXG line of standard AC-power machines and towable carts to the 30,000 attendees at Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas.

It’s out of the ordinary, but, as one attendee said, “we package it, but we still have to move it.”

And with its fully redesigned vehicles and quad-steer and center steer towable carts, Pack Mule is presenting new, more cost-effective solutions for moving materials across the manufacturing or warehouse floor.

The new NXG series of industrial electric vehicles, unveiled in April 2017, features an AC-standard power system that provides up to twice the runtime, has a lower cost of ownership, and is virtually maintenance free. Coupled with Pack Mule’s quad-steer or center steer towable carts, the new vehicles create completely customizable material handling solutions.

Pack Mule has been noted over the last decade for pushing electric vehicle design and capabilities ahead. They were the first to introduce heavy-duty frames and Load Range C pneumatic tires as standard equipment. And they were the first—and are still the only—brand to warrant their vehicles for three years with no hours limitations.

According to James Folger, Pack Mule’s EV product manager, converting to AC Power is a big step forward, but it’s not nearly all of the story.

“Since we were making a big change, we took the opportunity to look at and improve all of the major parts. By itself, AC Power will give the user a lot more work time between charges. Accepted estimates are about 60% more runtime over equal-voltage DC systems. That’s where we started, then we improved the controller, the regenerative braking system, and even the pedal construction.”

Pack Mule industrial electric vehicles are manufactured by Wesley International, based in Georgia, and supplying electric vehicles, towable carts, and pallet jacks for critical applications in companies across the country and around the world.


The Wesley Pack Mule display at Pack Expo 2017 showing the new Pack Mule NXG stock chaser and the quad-steer and center-steer towable carts. Pack Mule provides the only AC-standard industrial electric vehicles in the industry, along with the only three-year warranty with no hours limitations. Pack Mule towable carts feature the heavy-duty construction and Pack Mule’s exclusive bolt-on shelf system.

Pack Mule Rolls Out “Pack Mule Prime” Quick Ship Program

Pack Mule, the industry’s fastest growing brand of industrial electrical vehicles and towable trailers, has announced the implementation of Pack Mule Prime—shipping within 48 hours with no delivery charges—on its most popular trailer models.

According to Trailer Product Manager Andy Isburgh, the models included in the program include 6-wheel, center steer trailers in 36”x60” and 36”x72” sizes with up to three adjustable shelves and two sizes of Pack Mule’s six-wheel, single-pallet trailer. Trailers available for Pack Mule Prime will be tagged with the Prime logo on the company’s web site:

“In the next few months, the program will be enlarged to include some of our most popular industrial electric vehicles,” said Bob Fisher, Pack Mule CEO. “This program is the next step in the effort we began with our same day parts shipping. Our standard delivery time is typically less than half that of other manufacturer’s, but—for some models—this offers a significant improvement over our current standard.

The Pack Mule Prime program is available to end users of Pack Mule products and all orders are subject to inventory availability.

Pack Mule, a brand of Wesley International, based in Scottdale, Georgia, is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the horizontal movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution facilities.



The Pack Mule Prime symbol on the company’s web site indicates that select

models are available to be shipped within 48 hours with no shipping charge.

Pack Mule Showcases Material Handling Equipment at MODEX Supply Chain Show 2016


Citing the customer’s workplace as the best place to test the efficiency of material handling equipment, Pack Mule CEO Bob Fisher issued a challenge to the industry to compare Pack Mule electric industrial vehicles and towable trailers alongside any other manufacturers’. The company is showing its products in Booth MA2055 at MODEX in Atlanta this week.

“We contend we make the best equipment in the industry,” Fisher said. “Certainly no one else offers a three-year warranty or standard 245 amp/hour batteries. And there are a number of standard features on Pack Mule equipment that are only available as upgrades on others’.

“But we don’t expect anybody just to take our word for it. We’d like for them to put Pack Mule to the test doing their work in their place, alongside any other equipment they’re considering. Then they should just call it as they see it.”


Fisher noted that Pack Mule makes the side-by-side comparison easy, at from the Pack Mule’s side. The company provides vehicles and trailers for a limited-time use in the customer’s facility with no use restrictions. The demo program requires no commitment from qualified customers.

Pack Mule, headquartered in Scottdale, GA, has provided manufacturers and distributors across the country and around the world with material handling equipment for more than 60 years. The company sponsors the Lean Material Handling web site for the interchange of ideas and information on making material handling more efficient.

Welcome Ben to the Pack Mule Sales Team

Pack Mule Industrial Electric Warehouse VehiclesBen Jordan joined Wesley International’s Pack Mule as Director of Business Development in October 2014. Ben comes to Pack Mule from Carolina Handling, LLC; a Raymond forklift dealer in N.C., S.C., GA. and AL. Ben has extensive knowledge in warehouse logistics. He began his career with FedEx. Later, Ben started his own material handling business in Texas.  After successfully building his business from the ground up, Ben sold it and move back east, furthering his career in Sales and Service Leadership at several large material handling dealerships.

Ben enjoys a good challenge and the excitement of assisting customers in finding customized solutions for their material handling needs. In the first week at Pack Mule, Ben attested to his customer dedication by building a Pack Mule, electric vehicle, from start to finish on the production line. Ben wanted to see first hand the quality, advantages, accessories and safety features that are part of every Wesley Pack Mule and Pallet Mule products. Ben says, “At Wesley International Pack Mule, we build the finest EV’s in the market. My goal is to assist our team in introducing the Pack Mule brand to new markets as well as achieving growth in our current markets.”

Ben is a native South Carolinian, married to his wife of 33 years, Kari. Together they have three grown children, Bryan, Daniel and Ann Kathryn. Ben is an avid reader and he enjoys the outdoors, running, hiking, biking, golfing and weekend trips with his wife.

Wesley welcomes Bulent Erel

Pack Mule Industrial Warehouse TrailersPlease welcome Bulent Erel to our Team. Bulent is joining Wesley International’s engineering group and will concentrate on the Trailer product line as Chief Trailer Engineer and also support the Pallet Mule products. Bulent comes to Pack Mule from Moog Inc. Sensor & Surveillance Systems, a division of the Space & Defense Group, where he led numerous product design and development efforts for various surveillance industry products.

Originally from Turkey, Bulent and his family have lived and worked in the US for the past 15 years. Bulent lives with his wife, Zeynep in Roswell, Ga. They have two grown and very successful daughters; Yaprak and Cicek.

When Bulent is not creating new designs at work, you can find him enjoying one of his many unique and interesting hobbies. Close Up photography (published National Geographic submitter) or his custom graphic photography creations, which he develops for his on-line photography business.

Bulent earned his Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Turkey and brings his skills and experience to Wesley International Pack Mule.

Bulent is a great addition to our Team. Stop by and see Bulent when you have a moment.

Wesley International Pack Mule Electric Vehicles and Trailers Announces Launch of Spanish Website

Wesley International, manufacturer of Pack Mule industrial products, is pleased to announce its latest resource for Spanish speaking customers and the diverse business community who rely on Pack Mule Stock Chasers and Burden Carrier Electric Vehicles and Trailers to provide lean material handling solutions for increased warehouse efficiencies.

Atlanta, Ga., September 16, 2014 – Wesley International, manufacturer of Pack Mule and Pallet Mule, in response to an increase of Spanish speaking customers has launched its Spanish-language web site.

Recognizing the growing number of Spanish speaking customers and need to support the diverse business community, Wesley International has launched their corporate web site in Spanish.

“Wesley International and the Pack Mule team are working hard to increase the service level for our South American dealers and customers. The launch of our Spanish language website is an important part of that effort,” said Bob Fisher, chief executive officer and president of Wesley International.

Some of the key features of the Spanish-language website include product comparisons, product specifications, product manuals, warranty information, rent/lease option details and safety videos.

Wesley International’s Spanish-language web site is easily accessible at URL:

Existing customer service resources at Wesley International which complement the Spanish website include:

  • Employees fluent in Spanish for engineering, technical and overall customer support;
  • All product support videos posted to YouTube are available in Spanish;
  • By the end of 2014, all operational instructions will have Spanish versions.

“As Wesley Pack Mule continues to provide an increased number of lean inventory handling solutions to South American customers, it is necessary for us to have the resources available to service these important users,” said James Folger, executive sales manager at Wesley International.

For over 50 years, Wesley remains unique in pallet truck, electric industrial vehicle and trailer industries in its ability to provide engineered-to-ordered solutions on a cost effective and timely basis. Wesley is the custom equipment provider of choice for many users both inside and outside the United States.

Wesley’s product line includes industrial electric vehicles such as stock chasers, burden carriers, personnel carriers and tow vehicles which are marketed under the brand name “Pack Mule”. Wesley’s line of trailers and carts enhance the usage of electric vehicles in lean manufacturing and distribution channels.

In 2012, Wesley established their industry leading 3-year warranty on all their Pack Mule products.

Pack Mule Introduces The World’s First Industrial Battery Stock Chaser/Tugger

Wesley International, the maker of Pack Mule® electric industrial vehicles, trailers and Pallet Mule® specialty pallet jacks, announced today the launch of the World’s first and only industrial battery stock chasers – the SCT-775-IB stock chaser and the SCT-7750-IB tugger/stock chaser.

In March, Pack Mule® introduced its new SCT-7750-IB industrial battery stock chaser at the 2014 Modex Show in Atlanta to record-breaking crowds. The SCT-7750-IB is not only new for Pack Mule, but it is believed to be the first of its kind in the US and in the World!

An industry leader in the manufacture of industrial electric vehicles for over thirty years, Pack Mule® works closely with the users of its products. We respond to customer feedback and use our customer’s needs as the primary source of our continuous product innovation.

For many years, GM auto and truck manufacturing plants in North America have been using Pack Mule’s PMT-4500 electric tow tractors to deliver components “just in time” from supplier warehouses to the main production line. In 2011, GM asked Pack Mule to develop tow tractors powered by industrial batteries that could re-charged on the rapid charge stations they had recently installed. Pack Mule immediately responded with the development of its BCG-6200 Industrial Battery Tow Tractor.

Pack Mule BCG-6200 Industrial Battery Tow Tractor

Then, in early 2013, the Hyundai Automotive Group made a similar request. Already familiar with the quality and durability of the Pack Mule SC-775 and SCT-7750 Stock Chaser/Tow Tractors they had been using for several years at their US plants and parts distribution facilities, the Hyundai Automotive Group asked Pack Mule to develop an industrial battery Stock Chaser/Tow Tractor. This led to the introduction of Pack Mule’s SCT-7750-IB Industrial Battery Stock Chaser, which Pack Mule is now introducing not only at the Hyundai and Kia Plants, but also at other auto and durable goods manufacturing plants. Pack Mule is now receiving orders from the Hyundai Automotive Group to deploy Stock Chaser/Tow Tractors at locations around the World!

Pack Mule SCT-7750-IB Industrial Battery Stock Chaser/Tow Tractor, the World’s First Industrial Battery Stock Chaser/Tow Tractor

According to James Folger, sales engineer at Wesley International, this innovative new product is the result of Pack Mule’s dedication to customer service and our commitment to meeting customer needs. “Power User” customers, such as GE and Kia, operating large, multi-shift facilities, asked Pack Mule to develop stock chasers that were compatible with the rapid and opportunity charge stations they had already installed in their manufacturing plants to improve charging time for their forklifts.

“These companies heard about the industrial battery sit down tow vehicles (BCG-6200s) that we created for General Motors in Mexico, and they asked if we could do the same thing with our stand-up stock chasers. We had them a unit to try in just a few weeks. Then, we went through several re-design iterations based on their feedback, and now that the final production models are rolling off our production line, we are seeing demand from numerous power user customers.”

“Power users deploy and depend on our products in mission critical applications,” says Bob Fisher, CEO at Wesley International, “and they cannot afford down time. In multi-shift operations, the vehicles cannot be left off-line for charging. Thus, they need to be re-charged during brief, scheduled breaks.”

About Wesley International

Wesley International is a leading provider of forklift-free material handling solutions used primarily in manufacturing and distribution facilities. By reducing dependence on expensive and dangerous forklifts to move personnel and materials horizontally, Pack Mule’s customers are increasing operator safety and utilizing “lean” initiatives to eliminate waste of time, energy and resources. For more information, visit, and or email