– with a more efficient A/C-power system, the industry’s most advanced controller, 245 A/H batteries, and 90 psi low-rolling-friction tires..


– with a 20% greater load capacity.


– even with a 20% greater cargo capacity and more features, it costs less. And it’s virtually maintenance free.

(These are just a few of the differences, Click here to see more)


Motrec MS-260 (24v) VS Pack Mule SC-775 NXG (24v)

FeaturePack MuleMotrecWhy it matters

Cargo Capacity

1,200 lbs

1,000 lbs.

Pack Mule’s 20% greater deck load capacity means that it can carry more each trip, reducing the number of trips and increasing productivity.

Towing Capacity

2,000 lbs., upgradable to 5,000 lbs.

2000 lbs.

Equal tow capacity doesn’t necessarily mean equal productivity. Pack Mule’s 20% more cargo capacity and it’s better energy management system means it can do more work every day.

Deck Space

60” x 31.5” standard with six optional sizes

60" x 30"

Any of Pack Mule’s decks provide more space than Motrec’s, but if you really need decks with more space, Pack Mule provides them.


Sealed A/C Motor 9.6 HP (24 V), 13.2 HP (36 V), 17.7 HP (48 V)

Shunt motor 6 HP (24 V), 10 HP (36 V), 10 HP (36 V HD), 15 HP (48 V)

Pack Mule’s more powerful A/C motors, coupled with the industry’s most advanced controller, lets you get more work done between charges.


245 AH

232 AH Upgrade available.

Pack Mule amp/hour advantage provides greater run time as well as longer battery life.


Smart View LCT display with Battery Status, Hour Meter, and Fault Code Indicator standard.

Battery Status Indicator only. Upgrade available.

Full instrumentation not only allows your equipment to be more productive, but it enables more efficient charging and better preventive maintenance.

Cargo Deck Material

Melomine Laminated Decking

Painted Plywood Decking

Melomine lamination provides longer life and prevents early failure due to warping or splitting.

Steps on Back of Operator Area


Available as an upgrade

Steps make it easy to get to hard-to-reach places, increasing productivity and reducing driver fatigue.

Ergonomic Matting


Available as an upgrade

Ergonomic matting in the operator area increases operator comfort and reduces operator fatigue allowing for safer vehicle operation.

Programmable high-frequency charger


High-frequency charger, but not programmable

Optimizes run time and extends battery life.

Adjustable Backrest


Available as an Upgrade

Increases operator comfort, productivity, and safety.


Three-year Warranty

One-year Warranty

Pack Mule provides the industry leading (and only) three-year warranty. Motrec does not offer an upgraded warranty, but another manufacturer offers one for $683. However, that one has a low hours limitation.

Free Trial

Pack Mule will configure the vehicle to your specs and get it to you. No commitment

Might provide a demo of a standard vehicle through a dealer

The best place to compare vehicles is in your own work environment. We make that easy by providing the vehicle, configured to your specifications, and letting you use it for a week. If our competitor will do the same, you can compare them side by side.

Delivery Time/Configured to Order

As little as 48 hours. Up to 3 weeks on larger orders.

Standard products are often available at the dealer’s, but special configurations are another matter.

Responsiveness is a basic part of our customer service. We can get you your vehicle quickly. The same is true for parts.


How we compare the Pack Mule to the competition.

We go to great lengths to make sure that the comparison between Pack Mule vehicles and others are as fair and accurate as possible. It doesn’t serve anyone’s interests for those depending on the comparisons to be disappointed. Basically, here’s how we do them:

  1. We purchase the competitor vehicle through authorized channels, usually a dealer, specifying standard equipment and asking for quotes on appropriate upgrades.
  2. The competitor vehicle is tested alongside the Pack Mule in our plant. It may not be exactly like your environment, but it’s a lot closer than relying on ad copy.
  3. Wherever possible, we use the specifications on the machine we purchased. When we need additional specs, we use the ones published on the competitor’s web site or published in their user manuals.
  4. We frequently check to see if anything has changed. If it has, we change the comparison. Or if the competitor informs us, as Motrec did, that something has changed, we change the comparison. In that case, Motrec had introduced a two-year warranty, but the change hadn’t been reflected in their published materials.
  5. We back the comparison up with on-site demos. If you’re currently using another manufacturer’s electric industrial vehicle, we’ll provide a Pack Mule for you to do your own comparison.