Pack Mule Introduces The World’s First Industrial Battery Stock Chaser/Tugger

Wesley International, the maker of Pack Mule® electric industrial vehicles, trailers and Pallet Mule® specialty pallet jacks, announced today the launch of the World’s first and only industrial battery stock chasers – the SCT-775-IB stock chaser and the SCT-7750-IB tugger/stock chaser.

In March, Pack Mule® introduced its new SCT-7750-IB industrial battery stock chaser at the 2014 Modex Show in Atlanta to record-breaking crowds. The SCT-7750-IB is not only new for Pack Mule, but it is believed to be the first of its kind in the US and in the World!

An industry leader in the manufacture of industrial electric vehicles for over thirty years, Pack Mule® works closely with the users of its products. We respond to customer feedback and use our customer’s needs as the primary source of our continuous product innovation.

For many years, GM auto and truck manufacturing plants in North America have been using Pack Mule’s PMT-4500 electric tow tractors to deliver components “just in time” from supplier warehouses to the main production line. In 2011, GM asked Pack Mule to develop tow tractors powered by industrial batteries that could re-charged on the rapid charge stations they had recently installed. Pack Mule immediately responded with the development of its BCG-6200 Industrial Battery Tow Tractor.

Pack Mule BCG-6200 Industrial Battery Tow Tractor

Then, in early 2013, the Hyundai Automotive Group made a similar request. Already familiar with the quality and durability of the Pack Mule SC-775 and SCT-7750 Stock Chaser/Tow Tractors they had been using for several years at their US plants and parts distribution facilities, the Hyundai Automotive Group asked Pack Mule to develop an industrial battery Stock Chaser/Tow Tractor. This led to the introduction of Pack Mule’s SCT-7750-IB Industrial Battery Stock Chaser, which Pack Mule is now introducing not only at the Hyundai and Kia Plants, but also at other auto and durable goods manufacturing plants. Pack Mule is now receiving orders from the Hyundai Automotive Group to deploy Stock Chaser/Tow Tractors at locations around the World!

Pack Mule SCT-7750-IB Industrial Battery Stock Chaser/Tow Tractor, the World’s First Industrial Battery Stock Chaser/Tow Tractor

According to James Folger, sales engineer at Wesley International, this innovative new product is the result of Pack Mule’s dedication to customer service and our commitment to meeting customer needs. “Power User” customers, such as GE and Kia, operating large, multi-shift facilities, asked Pack Mule to develop stock chasers that were compatible with the rapid and opportunity charge stations they had already installed in their manufacturing plants to improve charging time for their forklifts.

“These companies heard about the industrial battery sit down tow vehicles (BCG-6200s) that we created for General Motors in Mexico, and they asked if we could do the same thing with our stand-up stock chasers. We had them a unit to try in just a few weeks. Then, we went through several re-design iterations based on their feedback, and now that the final production models are rolling off our production line, we are seeing demand from numerous power user customers.”

“Power users deploy and depend on our products in mission critical applications,” says Bob Fisher, CEO at Wesley International, “and they cannot afford down time. In multi-shift operations, the vehicles cannot be left off-line for charging. Thus, they need to be re-charged during brief, scheduled breaks.”

About Wesley International

Wesley International is a leading provider of forklift-free material handling solutions used primarily in manufacturing and distribution facilities. By reducing dependence on expensive and dangerous forklifts to move personnel and materials horizontally, Pack Mule’s customers are increasing operator safety and utilizing “lean” initiatives to eliminate waste of time, energy and resources. For more information, visit, and or email