“Soft Solid” Tires

There are a number of reasons that solid tires for industrial electric vehicles have become popular in recent years, and there are a couple of reasons that companies have considered them and decided to stick with pneumatic tires for their vehicles. Simply stated, here are the pros and cons:


  • No maintenance required
  • No flat tires
  • Longer overall life of tires
  • Optimal runtime due to tire consistency


  • More expensive than pneumatic tires
  • Uncomfortable, bumpy ride

Now Pack Mule provides a solution that provides all of the “pros” and eliminates the “cons.”:

Pack Mule Soft Solid Tire for Industrial Electric Vehicles

Pack Mule’s soft solid tires provide all of the benefits of the solid tire without its biggest disadvantage: the uncomfortable, bumpy ride. The apertures along the side of tire absorb the bumps of uneven driving surfaces. Put Pack Mule soft solid tires to the test. Request a demo here.


The soft solid time eliminates the uncomfortable, bumpy ride that contributed to operator fatigue and decreased operator efficiency. Pack Mule designed these tires with apertures along the sides to absorb the shock and vibration. In fact, some customers say the soft solid tire actually provides an even smoother ride than the pneumatics!

Equally important, the life-cycle cost of the soft solid tire is no greater—and perhaps even less—than the traditional pneumatic tires.  The purchase price is higher, but it’s more than offset by the fact that the soft solid tires are covered by Pack Mule’s industry-leading three-year warranty. Unlike pneumatic tires, they are not considered a vehicle component that you expect to replace. The soft solid tires also eliminate maintenance costs, downtime due to flats, and reduced productivity caused by under-pressurized tires.

The easy-riding soft solid tires are a good option for almost all applications, but for some—applications that include manufacturing with metal or glass shrapnel, particularly rough or uneven floors, or trips outside—soft solid tires shouldn’t be optional; for greatest productivity, they are essential.