Pack Mule’s Standard 245 Amp/Hour Batteries Deliver Longer Run Time

One of the primary drivers of industrial electric vehicle productivity is runtime between charges. The longer the vehicle runs before being taken out of service to charge the batteries, the more the vehicle can do. That’s the reason Pack Mule provides the highest standard amp/hour batteries in the industry.

Currently, all providers of industrial electric vehicles stock their base model units with lead acid batteries, and Pack Mule is no different; they simply are the most cost-effective, dependable solution at this time. There are, however, many different types of lead acid batteries, and for each different type, there is a level of capacity. At 245 amp/hour, it is safe to refer to the batteries as “high capacity,” and Pack Mule refuses to stock their units with anything less (as opposed to some competitors that use batteries as low as 186 amp/hour).

Pack Mule Industrial Electric Vehicle Batteries

With standard 245 amp/hour batteries, Pack Mule vehicles deliver 20% to 50% more runtime than the competitions’ standard batteries.

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Technically, amps per hour (or more technically, amperes per hour) is the current flow in amperes multiplied by the time in hours of discharge.  Practically, it’s a shorthand notation that tells you what to expect in terms of run time. The greater the amp/hour, the longer the runtime, all other factors being equal.

Pack Mules 245 amp/hour batteries have the highest rating in the industry. Competitors’ standard batteries, according to their published specifications, run from 185 amp/hours to 220. Pack Mule competitors do offer a high capacity battery option, but usually at an upgrade $1,000 or more.

We believe that high capacity batteries on every Pack Mule vehicle not only improve productivity, but also lower the life-cycle cost of the vehicle since lower capacity batteries will need to be replaced sooner.  Replacing batteries is both expensive and time consuming.

Pack Mule’s higher capacity batteries, coupled with Pack Mule’s regenerative braking and 90 psi tires, provide runtimes 20% to 50% longer than others. In fact, in a head-to-head field test, Pack Mule ran 50% longer than the comparable Taylor-Dunn vehicle.