Wesley International Sponsors Lean Material Handling Site

Wesley International, Inc., manufacturers of Pack Mule industrial electric vehicles and towable trailers, has unveiled Focus on Lean Material Handling, a web site dedicated to improving in-plant material movement processes.

“The more our customers focus on lean manufacturing, the more they focus on the movement of materials,” Bob Fisher, CEO of Wesley International said. “Essentially they look at material handling as a necessary evil, one that consumes resources without adding to customer value. What we want to do with this site is help them understand how, when done correctly and efficiently, material handling can actually add value by helping do assembly, fabrication, order picking and other value-added work better and more cost-effectively.”

According to Fisher, the site will accept articles from professionals in the industry or in education. All articles must be pertinent to material handling efficiency, and all articles will be reviewed by the site’s editorial advisory board.

Additionally, the site provides a number of lean manufacturing resources, including summaries of articles with links to the full articles, book reviews and a glossary of lean manufacturing terms.

Wesley International, Inc., based in Scottdale, GA, is a leading producer of equipment for the horizontal movement of materials. Founded more than 60 years ago, the company serves manufacturers and distributors across the United States and around the world.

Official Lean Material Handling Link: