Pack Mule Rolls Out “Pack Mule Prime” Quick Ship Program

Pack Mule, the industry’s fastest growing brand of industrial electrical vehicles and towable trailers, has announced the implementation of Pack Mule Prime—shipping within 48 hours with no delivery charges—on its most popular trailer models.

According to Trailer Product Manager Andy Isburgh, the models included in the program include 6-wheel, center steer trailers in 36”x60” and 36”x72” sizes with up to three adjustable shelves and two sizes of Pack Mule’s six-wheel, single-pallet trailer. Trailers available for Pack Mule Prime will be tagged with the Prime logo on the company’s web site:

“In the next few months, the program will be enlarged to include some of our most popular industrial electric vehicles,” said Bob Fisher, Pack Mule CEO. “This program is the next step in the effort we began with our same day parts shipping. Our standard delivery time is typically less than half that of other manufacturer’s, but—for some models—this offers a significant improvement over our current standard.

The Pack Mule Prime program is available to end users of Pack Mule products and all orders are subject to inventory availability.

Pack Mule, a brand of Wesley International, based in Scottdale, Georgia, is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the horizontal movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution facilities.



The Pack Mule Prime symbol on the company’s web site indicates that select

models are available to be shipped within 48 hours with no shipping charge.