Pack Mule shows new A/C Vehicles, Trailers at Pack Expo 2017

In a trade show with more than 2,000 exhibitors of packaging equipment, the Pack Mule booth stands out.  Wesley International LLC, manufacturer of the Pack Mule line of material handling equipment, is showing its new NXG line of standard AC-power machines and towable carts to the 30,000 attendees at Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas.

It’s out of the ordinary, but, as one attendee said, “we package it, but we still have to move it.”

And with its fully redesigned vehicles and quad-steer and center steer towable carts, Pack Mule is presenting new, more cost-effective solutions for moving materials across the manufacturing or warehouse floor.

The new NXG series of industrial electric vehicles, unveiled in April 2017, features an AC-standard power system that provides up to twice the runtime, has a lower cost of ownership, and is virtually maintenance free. Coupled with Pack Mule’s quad-steer or center steer towable carts, the new vehicles create completely customizable material handling solutions.

Pack Mule has been noted over the last decade for pushing electric vehicle design and capabilities ahead. They were the first to introduce heavy-duty frames and Load Range C pneumatic tires as standard equipment. And they were the first—and are still the only—brand to warrant their vehicles for three years with no hours limitations.

According to James Folger, Pack Mule’s EV product manager, converting to AC Power is a big step forward, but it’s not nearly all of the story.

“Since we were making a big change, we took the opportunity to look at and improve all of the major parts. By itself, AC Power will give the user a lot more work time between charges. Accepted estimates are about 60% more runtime over equal-voltage DC systems. That’s where we started, then we improved the controller, the regenerative braking system, and even the pedal construction.”

Pack Mule industrial electric vehicles are manufactured by Wesley International, based in Georgia, and supplying electric vehicles, towable carts, and pallet jacks for critical applications in companies across the country and around the world.


The Wesley Pack Mule display at Pack Expo 2017 showing the new Pack Mule NXG stock chaser and the quad-steer and center-steer towable carts. Pack Mule provides the only AC-standard industrial electric vehicles in the industry, along with the only three-year warranty with no hours limitations. Pack Mule towable carts feature the heavy-duty construction and Pack Mule’s exclusive bolt-on shelf system.