National Lift, LLC

National Lift, LLC has been serving customers, dealers, and users of material handling equipment since 1956. National Lift specializes in warehouse solutions and is the premier forklift company in Southeast and Midwest. National Lift’s seasonal business boom encouraged a dealer to find a solution for its increased customer’s demand for horizontal transport towing units.

The National Lift dealer contacted Pack Mule to discuss solving its customer’s needs, as they were quickly running out of options. Pack Mule’s involvement took place at a crucial time, during the seasonal rental spikes and when inventory was a challenge. Pack Mule offered to prep seven units from their demo/rental and factory fleet, resulting in a perfect fit for National Lift and its customer.

Upon receiving delivery of the Pack Mule vehicles, the customer began integrating them into heavy mission critical applications. This was the first time they experienced Pack Mule products. Pack Mule units performed as designed, exceeding the customer’s expectation.

At the conclusion of the rental period and the end of customer’s busy season, the customer saw efficiency gains in their operation and the exceptional performance of the Pack Mule units. National Lift’s customer requested to keep several Pack Mule rental units.

Continental Teves, Inc.

Continental Teves, a global automotive components manufacturer, needed a way to quickly remove dunnage and various forms of manufacturing waste materials at individual workstations in the brake system assembly area. At the time in their Asheville, NC facility, they were using forklifts, which was inefficient and made the
work area congested and unsafe. Additionally, Continental Teves’ product line was expanding and space became limited.

The plant manager at Continental Teves asked several forklift dealers to help solve their problem. Pack Mule was then contacted by dealer Carolina Handling to help design a solution. After Pack Mule made a site visit to observe Continental Teves’ operation, a custom designed system was put in place. Pack Mule equipped the facility with a receptacle trailer concept, along with a custom sized compact trailer towable platform, which was easily refillable at workstations throughout the day.

Continental Teves was extremely satisfied with the material handling equipment designed for them by Pack Mule. As a result, they placed an order for two of the receptacle trailers, 20 customized compact trailers, and a Pack Mule electric tow vehicle.

Navistar, Inc.

Navistar International Corporation is a New York Stock Exchange holding company that owns the manufacturer of International brand commercial trucks, MaxxForce brand diesel engines, IC Bus school and commercial buses, Workhorse brand chassis for motor homes and step vans. It is also a private label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines for the pickup truck, van and SUV markets and a provider of truck and diesel engine parts and service.

Navistar uses Pack Mule center steer trailers to transport materials in its facilities.

Daimler – Freightliner

Daimler Trucks North America, the maker of Freightliner trucks, operates major plants in Cleveland, TN and Mount Holly, NC. The Cleveland Plant is the Company’s largest US plant, and it makes Cascadia trucks and is running two shifts. On August, 22, 2014, the Cleveland Plant produced Daimler North America’s 3,000th truck, a Cascadia Evolution, the first to use a Detroit powertrain to be introduced in January 2015. The plant had 2600 employees, and the Company had 8000 employees in North Carolina.
Both plants use fleets of Pack Mules for towing and materials transport. The Pack Mule models used by Daimler North America include the PMT Stand-Up Tow Tractor and the PCT-3500 Sit Down Tow Tractor (both for towing materials) and the SC-775 (for materials transport). With the return to two shift operations, Daimler North America depends of their Pack Mules to provide the runtime and uptime needed to keep materials flowing to the production line.