Belk Department Stores

Belk Department Stores operates 306 stores in 19 states, with the concentration of stores being in the Carolinas, and the Atlanta and Birmingham metro areas. The Atlanta area now has the largest concentration of Belk stores in any of its markets. The westernmost Belk store is located in Kerrville, Texas; while the northernmost Belk is located in Westminster, Maryland and the southernmost Belk store is in Fort Myers, Florida. Belk generates $2.97 billion in annual sales and employs over 18,000 people.

Belks has been a loyal Pack Mule customer for many years. It employs fleets of Pack Mule SC-775 stock chasers at its fulfillment centers.


Industry: Retail

Sub Industry: Full Line

Application(s): Order Picking

Facility Function: Distribution


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