Continental Teves, Inc.

Continental Teves, a global automotive components manufacturer, needed a way to quickly remove dunnage and various forms of manufacturing waste materials at individual workstations in the brake system assembly area. At the time in their Asheville, NC facility, they were using forklifts, which was inefficient and made the
work area congested and unsafe. Additionally, Continental Teves’ product line was expanding and space became limited.

The plant manager at Continental Teves asked several forklift dealers to help solve their problem. Pack Mule was then contacted by dealer Carolina Handling to help design a solution. After Pack Mule made a site visit to observe Continental Teves’ operation, a custom designed system was put in place. Pack Mule equipped the facility with a receptacle trailer concept, along with a custom sized compact trailer towable platform, which was easily refillable at workstations throughout the day.

Continental Teves was extremely satisfied with the material handling equipment designed for them by Pack Mule. As a result, they placed an order for two of the receptacle trailers, 20 customized compact trailers, and a Pack Mule electric tow vehicle.

Industry: Autos

Sub Industry: Manufacturing

Application(s): Towing, Towing Materials

Facility Function: Manufacturing


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