General Motors

General Motors has been using Pack Mule® PMT-4500 electric tow tractors at its assembly plants in San Luis Potosi and Silao Mexico for over twelve years to deliver components from satellite supplier warehouses to the main production line at the center of the campus over a route of about ¼ mile. As of 2010, GM had several hundred of these units in service and by 2011 was again running three shifts.
About that time, GM installed high frequency charging stations in these facilities to allow for opportunity charging of their forklift fleet. Soon thereafter, they asked Pack Mule whether Pack Mule could offer an industrial battery version of the PMT-4500 tow tractor. This led to the cycle of innovation that resulted in creation of Pack Mule’s BCG-6200 tow tractor employing 36 volt industrial batteries that GM’s employees can opportunity charge during breaks to keep them running for the full three shifts. The result it that GM has been able to run its Pack Mule tow tractors for three full shifts per day without having to take out of service for charging, resulting in considerable capital and operating cost savings.

Industry: Autos

Sub Industry: Manufacturing

Application(s): Personnel Transport, Towing Materials

Facility Function: Assembly


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