In the Fall of 2006, Kia Motors America announced its new $1 billion plant located in West Point, Georgia, and the plant opened in early 2010, employing 2,500 KIA employees and over 3,000 employees of its component suppliers.

Since that time, KIA has become a very loyal Pack Mule® customer, relying heavily on Pack Mule’s SC-775 model for towing materials to the production line.  In addition, substantially all of KIA’s component suppliers have followed suit as well.

Then, in 2013, when KIA learned that Pack Mule had developed a sit-down tow tractor (the BCG-6200) for General Motors, it asked Pack Mule whether we could develop an industrial battery version of the SC-775.  Within a matter of a few weeks, Pack Mule had developed a prototype for KIA to try.  KIA used the unit for an extended period and then provided constructive feedback, which led Pack Mule to implement these suggestions, resulting in Pack Mule’s new SCT-7750-IB, which can be opportunity charged with the high frequency chargers KIA is using to keep its forklifts running through all three shifts.

Industry: Autos

Sub Industry: Manufacturing

Application(s): Towing Materials

Facility Function: Assembly


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SCT-7750 NXG