Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of automobiles, parts and powertrains.

In their U.S. parts distribution centers (“PDCs”), they began using Taylor Dunn stockchasers for parts picking over 25 years ago. In 2012, the Georgia PDC purchased additional Taylor-Dunn stockchasers, thinking that these new units would be of the same if not better quality than their old Taylor-Dunns. Unfortunately, the new Taylor-Dunns did not measure up with the units that Mitsubishi had bought in the past, and both management and operators were highly disappointed in the new units.

Fast forward to a chance encounter and conversation in July, 2013, when the manager of a VW PDC was raving about his satisfaction with the Pack Mule stock chasers he was using for order picking. This conversation led to a series of events resulting in Mitsubishi’s Georgia PDC asking for a demo of a Pack Mule stock chaser. The rest is history. Mitsubishi’s vehicle operators were delighted with the superior performance of the Pack Mules, and Mitsubishi’s management realized immediate improvement in increased productivity and operator satisfaction.

Both management and operators at the Georgia PDC were extremely pleased with Pack Mule stock chasers. Not only did they become devout Pack Mule users themselves, they also became raving Pack Mule fans, spreading the word throughout their national PDC network. As a result, Mitsubishi PDCs from New Jersey to California are now only buying Pack Mules.

Mitsubishi now has Pack Mules contributing to their continued success in each of their U.S. PDCs. Although Mitsubishi’s PDCs are now buying only Pack Mules, they still have a legacy fleet of Taylor-Dunn stockchasers, some no more than three years old. Their operators consistently prefer Pack Mules. So which operators get to use the Pack Mules and which are forced to use the Taylor-Dunns? Only their most accurate pickers get to operate Pack Mules, and the rest must suffer with the Taylor-Dunns, giving them added incentive to increase their accuracy so they too can one day operate Pack Mules.

Industry: Autos

Sub Industry: After Market Parts

Application(s): Order Picking

Facility Function: Distribution

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