Pier 1

Pier 1 Imports Inc. is a Fort Worth, Texas–based retailer specializing in imported home furnishings and decor, particularly furniture, table-top items, decorative accessories, and seasonal decor. It is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Pier 1 Imports Inc., has been a Pack Mule customer for several years. They rely on our SC-775 Stock Chasers to pick order for deliver to their 1000 stores as well as for their ecommerce sales directly to consumers. Back in early 2011, they first approached us about providing them with “follow the picker” AGV versions of our stock chasers that would follow the picker down the aisle as the picker picked orders to place on the trailers being towed by the stock chaser. More recently, we shared with them a glimpse of the AGV project we are working on for use at the Toyota Motors assembly plant in San Antonio where we are working with Johnson Controls (another loyal Pack Mule customer) and other component suppliers to automate the delivery of components from their supplier warehouses to the main production line (about ¼ mile away). See AGV video available on our website.

Industry: Retail

Sub Industry: Household Products

Application(s): Order Picking

Facility Function: Distribution

Website: http://www.pier1.com

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