True American Classic, Inc.

Based in Statham, Georgia, True American Classics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium quality trackless trains. The trains are used around the World in amusement parks, malls, resorts, recreation centers and even in premier entertainment venues such as Radio City Music Hall.

True American uses electric industrial vehicles, particularly stock chasers, to provide the power, drivetrain and structure to support and move their trackless trains.

When True American first started producing their trackless trains, they used stock chasers produced by one of Pack Mule’s competitors. However, they encountered several problems with these stock chasers and with the service they were receiving from the manufacturer, so they approached Pack Mule. Not only did Pack Mule respond by providing the high quality stock chasers and customer service that True American needed, it also adapted its stock chaser to take out unneeded components and features and to reengineer its stock chaser frame to make it easier for True American to build its creative Steam Engine and other theme facades onto the frame.

We are proud to say that there stock chasers across the Globe providing the power to move trackless trains that entertain and transport children of all ages.

Industry: Mall Train

Sub Industry: Trackless Train

Application(s): Locomotion

Facility Function: Manufacturing


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