Daimler – Freightliner

Daimler Trucks North America, the maker of Freightliner trucks, operates major plants in Cleveland, TN and Mount Holly, NC. The Cleveland Plant is the Company’s largest US plant, and it makes Cascadia trucks and is running two shifts. On August, 22, 2014, the Cleveland Plant produced Daimler North America’s 3,000th truck, a Cascadia Evolution, the first to use a Detroit powertrain to be introduced in January 2015. The plant had 2600 employees, and the Company had 8000 employees in North Carolina.
Both plants use fleets of Pack Mules for towing and materials transport. The Pack Mule models used by Daimler North America include the PMT Stand-Up Tow Tractor and the PCT-3500 Sit Down Tow Tractor (both for towing materials) and the SC-775 (for materials transport). With the return to two shift operations, Daimler North America depends of their Pack Mules to provide the runtime and uptime needed to keep materials flowing to the production line.