FedEx Ground

FedEx Ground is a shipping company that is a subsidiary of the FedEx Corporation.  FedEx Ground now provides 1-5 day delivery of small packages to all 50 states, plus Canada. The subsidiary also offers a specialty service known as FedEx Home Delivery which, coupled with Ground, serves all home addresses in the United States.

This FedEx Ground subsidiary was re-branded as FedEx SmartPost in October 2004. FedEx SmartPost uses FedEx for the pickup and journey and uses the US Postal Service[2] for final delivery to residences. FedEx SmartPost’s customers include e-tailer sand catalog companies who have little urgency to have deliveries fulfilled to their customers. FedEx SmartPost also offers a Returns service for higher-volume clients that allows customers to complete returns at all U.S. Postal Service® (USPS) locations in addition to FedEx locations. The resulting service is one that is less expensive than FedEx Ground but more expensive than regular mail and generally takes two to four days longer than standard FedEx ground shipping, with tracking information but without a guarantee of service. uses FedEx SmartPost for many of its orders in the continental U.S. if the “Free Super Saver” option is chosen. is now also using FedEx SmartPost for its Prime 2-Day shipping service in select areas.  FedEx SmartPost is headquartered in New Berlin, WI, and operates 25 hubs[4] throughout the U.S.

Fedex Ground and SmartPost have partnered with Pack Mule in development of the product known as Pack Mule’s PCT-3500, which today is towing trailers loaded with “non-conforming” packages (that are not suitable for conveyors) in both their hub and satellite distribution centers across the continent.  When the rush starts are 3 p.m. every day, you’ll see Pack Mule PCT-3500s leading the charge to get all the non-conforming parcels sorted and ready for delivery to their destinations on time! Pack Mule now offers this same product to other users for similar applications.