Hyundai MOBIS

 Pack Mule Hyundai MOBIS Customer Success Industrial Vehicles

A row Pack Mule stock chasers customized with desk pods for MOBIS being readied for shipment. Pack Mules ability to customize electric vehicles means that the user gets the vehicle that best fits its application.

Pack Mule helps MOBIS Grow

Hyundai MOBIS, an automotive parts supplier with locations in the United States and around the world, has an ambitious vision: to be the Global Top Tier Supplier by 2020. They’re well on their way, moving from number 10 in the world in 2011 to number 6 in 2015 with revenues well over $3 billion. And they’ve chosen Pack Mule to help them continue that growth.

The automotive parts that MOBIS supplies—intelligent parts such as the Driver Assist Systems, ecofriendly parts such as hybrid engines, and more traditional parts such as lamps, airbags and brakes—provide a variety of material handling challenges. They are widely different sizes, and they need vehicles that can handle the weight. They also need to be able to depend on the vehicles moving the parts so that they can provide the impeccable service that they promise their customers.

MOBIS first began using Pack Mule stock chasers nearly twenty years ago, and from a single MOBIS location in Georgia, more than 200 Pack Mule vehicles are now moving product in a dozen locations across the United States and in Asia. MOBIS has also made Pack Mule quad-steer and six-wheel center-steer towable trailers a productive part of their material handling strategy.

“We’re proud to be a partner with MOBIS,” said James Folger. “They have the same kind of values and ambitions we have. And our growth from our first location to all of the others has come simply because MOBIS management has seen that our machines can meet their requirements.”

Pack Mule, headquartered in Scottdale, GA, manufactures a full line of industrial, battery-powered vehicles and towable trailers.