At Wesley, producing high quality products, configured to your requirements, has always been core to the way we operate for the 50+ years that we have been in business. If you are looking for a custom industrial electric vehicles, we offer a “Design / Build Service” for those situations where you may need either a completely redesigned or newly designed product. Some examples of how we have helped other companies with this service include:

We designed, and supply, an custom industrial electric vehicle for True American Classics, manufacturers of the Bella Tori Trackless Train used in shopping malls, carnivals, resorts, and family fun centers.

We designed and prototyped a completely new industrial-grade electric vehicle for a tire manufacturer looking for units that can withstand their grueling environment.

We designed, and now supply, a custom pallet jack for a major, Atlanta-based, beverage manufacturer to help with the launch of their newest line of vending machines. The pallet jack is tailored to their vending machine and transports them easily and safely.

Generally, the steps followed throughout a Design/Build Project are as follows:

Our product specialists will have preliminary discussions with the customer to understand the application, environment, and objectives to determine whether a design/build program is right for them. In many cases, we can often configure an existing product to meet the customer’s requirements.
If it is determined that our design / build program is the right approach, we will present a project proposal which outlines the key objectives of the project, the team which will be assigned to the project, and the associated design times and fees. A typical Design/Build Project is composed of the following stages:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Confirm Design Parameters
  • Preliminary Design
  • Design Revisions (as required)
  • Final Design
  • Production

Most or all, of the upfront design fees can be applied to future product purchases. If you have been trying several different types of units but are struggling to find something that addresses all of your requirements, then contact us for your custom industrial electric vehicle.

Pack Mule Industrial Electric Custom Mall Train
Pack Mule Mall Train.