Compare Motrec to Pack Mule

What do you get if you choose Pack Mule over Motrec?

It varies from vehicle to vehicle, but the answer is—overall—you get a lot more, like:

  • The industry’s only standard 245 amp/hour battery
  • More standard operator comfort features
  • More cargo space, with options for even more
  • No-hour-limits warranty

And those are just a few of the differences. To see feature comparisons on specific models, click on the appropriate link below:

Greater Runtime

Pack Mule builds its machines to run longer: 245 amp/hour batteries, programmable performance characteristics for greater efficiency, regenerative braking, and a programmable high frequency charger.

More Comfortable Operator Area

Pack Mule’s larger operator area, and standard adjustable backrest and cushioned ergonomic matting makes your operator’s day a lot easier, increasing productivity and safety.

Cargo Capacity

Pack Mule provides more cargo space. And if our standard decks don’t provide enough space, we have options that provide more.


Pack Mule provides the industry’s only 3-year No-hour-limits warranty.