In order to make a claim under warranty, the owner of the defective product (or the owner’s representative) must follow the following steps.

1. Confirm that the warranty was registered (through the Wesley Warranty Registration Process) in a timely fashion. If it has not been registered, immediately register the warranty. (Although warranties must be registered within 90 days of purchase, Wesley will sometimes consider claims made when the warranty was not registered in a timely fashion, but only once the warranty has been properly registered.)

2. Review our Warranty Claim Process, and complete the Warranty Claim Form (below) and submit it as provided in Wesley’s Warranty Administration Process. You will then receive a call from a Wesley representative within three hours to gather any further information and to provide the Warranty Claim Number. (You and your representative will need to provide this number in all further communications and submissions associated with your claim.)

3. Follow instructions provided by Wesley’s Warranty Claim Process to resolve the problem. (Do not engage any service technician to deal with the problem without prior approval by Wesley in the form of a Warranty Service Authorization Form that will be emailed to you.)


    Name of the Wesley Customer Service Representative who fielded the original call.
    Please upload a photo of the vehicle serial plate.
    Please upload a photo of the current reading of the vehicle’s Hour Meter.
    Name of the person handling the claim for your company.