A Close Look at the Pack Mule Quad Steer and the others.

We wanted to make the best towable trailer in the industry; so we looked at the others and made sure ours was built better. A few of the features you get with a Pack Mule quad-steer trailer that you can’t get with any other trailer are:

  • Pack Mule’s rugged deck, made with a single sheet of 10-gauge steel.
  • Pack Mule’s 3-Year Warranty, the best in the business. Not only does it provide you with more coverage, but it shows how much confidence we have in our trailers.
  • Pack Mule’s exclusive bolt-on shelf system, letting you choose the number of shelves you need, when you order or any time your needs change.
  • Pack Mule service that gets you the trailer you need in half the time the others require. Sometimes a lot less than half.

See the difference. See how Pack Mule stacks up against the competition.

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