Built on the foundation of Pack Mule’s highly successful and rugged 6-wheel center steer trailers, the new Single Pallet trailer series provides immediate efficiency gains to horizontal material handling operations. Purpose designed and manufactured to seamlessly move multiple loaded pallets in a chain for a fork-lift free environment.


All single pallet trailers provide task-specific value:

  • 3/8” thick pallet guide corners for longevity in tough environments
  • Removable push bar handle system
  • Universal spring-loaded tow bar and hitch – Standard Equipment
  • Maximized useable pallet space
  • Uniquely engineered pallet guiding handle bar provision
  • Fork lift slot provisions
  • 2,500# payload capability
  • Robust construction, second to none
  • Full 3-year Pack Mule warranty

Immediately Available in 2 popular sizes:

  • 42” Wide X 50” Long
  • 50” Wide X 54” Long

Pack Mule Single Pallet Trailers in Action (50” wide X 54” long shown)