Pack Mule’s SCT-7750-MTR has become the powertrain of choice for trackless train (also known as Mall Train) manufacturers across the globe.

Originally adapted from Pack Mule’s flagship SC-775 Stock Chaser, the SCT-7750-MTR provides the torque, power and reliability needed to move trackless trains around malls, amusement parks, convention centers and the like.


mall train


To begin with, Pack Mule eliminated the elements of the SC-775 Stock Chaser that trackless train manufacturers typically have to take the time to cut away (and do not want to pay for), such as the deck, the driver’s seat, and the back rest.  Then, we add a slot or groove for the trackless train manufacturer to use to install and secure the train’s façade.  Finally, we add key features and accessories unique to trackless train products to provide the functionality needed for safe and efficient operation of the trackless train.

We also offer custom adaptations of our products to meet the needs of individual trackless train manufacturers.