Fedex Ground and Pack Mule partnered in development of the product known as Pack Mule’s PCT-3500, which today is towing trailers loaded with “non-conforming” packages (that are not suitable for conveyors) in both their hub and satellite distribution centers across the country.  They are also used extensively in the distribution facilities of their new Smart Post units across the United States.  When the rush starts are 3 p.m. every day, you’ll see Pack Mule PCT-3500s leading the charge to get all the non-conforming parcels sorted and ready for delivery to their destinations on time! Pack Mule now offers this same product to other users for similar applications.



General Motors has been using Pack Mule® PMT-4500 electric tow tractors at its assembly plants in San Luis Potosi and Silao Mexico for over twelve years to deliver components from satellite supplier warehouses to the main production line at the center of the campus over a route of about ¼ mile.  As of 2010, GM had several hundred of these units in service and by 2011 was again running three shifts.

About that time, GM installed high frequency charging stations in these facilities to allow for opportunity charging of their forklift fleet.  Soon thereafter, they asked Pack Mule whether Pack Mule could offer an industrial battery version of the PMT-4500 tow tractor.  This led to the cycle of innovation that resulted in the creation of Pack Mule’s BCG-6200 tow tractor employing 36 volt industrial batteries that GM’s employees can opportunity charge during breaks to keep them running for the full three shifts.  Due to Pack Mule’s innovative battery development, GM has been able to run its Pack Mule tow tractors for three full shifts per day without having to take out of service for charging, resulting in considerable capital and operating cost savings.

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Back in 2010, when General Electric began restarting appliance production at its Appliance Park Campus in Louisville, Kentucky, it discovered Pack Mule, and the relationship has expanded dramatically since then. Today, General Electric uses the full gamut of Pack Mule products at Appliance Park, as well as at numerous other of its appliance production facilities. At GE’s request, Pack Mule has made a number of product improvements which are now standard features or commonly requested options on Pack Mule products. These include the adjustable backrest on Pack Mule’s SCT Tugger/Stock Chaser and an option to raise the height of the hitch to reduce operator fatigue.



Not long after opening their new auto production plants in Georgia and Alabama, Kia and Hyundai discovered Pack Mule. Today, Pack Mules are the choice at throughout these facilities as well as at the facilities of their suppliers across the USA. But that’s not all…we are even shipping Pack Mule’s to Korea for them!

Pack Mule has made many product improvements to satisfy the needs to its Korean auto customers as well.  Probably the most significant of these is Pack Mule discovered Pack Mule.  Today, Pack Mules are the choice at throughout these facilities as well as at the facilities of their suppliers across the USA.

Pack Mule has made many product improvements to satisfy the needs to its Korean auto customers as well.  Probably the most significant of these is Pack Mule new SCT-7750-IB Tugger Stock Chaser operating with an industrial battery that can be charged during employee breaks so it can keep working 24/7 across all there shifts.



Pier 1 Imports Inc., a Fort Worth, Texas–based retailer specializing in imported home furnishings and décor, has been a Pack Mule customer for several years.  They rely on our SC-775 Stock Chasers to pick order for deliver to their 1000 stores as well as for their ecommerce sales directly to consumers.  Back in early 2011, they first approached us about providing them with “follow the picker” AGV versions of our stock chasers that would follow the picker down the aisle as the picker picked orders to place on the trailers being towed by the stock chaser.  More recently, we shared with them a glimpse of the AGV project we are working on for use at the Toyota Motors assembly plant in San Antonio where we are working with Johnson Controls (another loyal Pack Mule customer) and other component suppliers to automate the delivery of components from their supplier warehouses to the main production line (about ¼ mile away).  See AGV video available on our website.

As a result, we are now working with them on a full blown AGV system for their distribution centers that will provide not only the “follow the picker” technology, but will also allow for driverless transport of the stock chaser and trailers with picked orders back to the loading dock.  Can you imagine the ROI on this?



VW first deployed Pack Mule SC-775 Stock Chaser/Tow Tractors at their parts distribution center in Chattanooga, TN.  Within less than a year, we received a call from the manager of a Mitsubishi parts distribution center in West Ga.  He said that his facility had used a competitor’s stock chasers for over 25 years, but when they reordered a bit over a year ago, they were very disappointed in the units they received.  When he was visiting with his son who manages the VW DC in Chattanooga, his son said, “Dad, we use Pack Mule stock chasers, you should try them out.”  To make a long story short, his father did just that and they are replacing their stock chasers with Pack Mules.  In addition, the Mitsubishi DCs in California and New Jersey also now have Pack Mules!!  Finally, VW is now expanding their deployment of Pack Mules to their other DCs as well.



The Coast Guard’s Aviation Logistics Center in Elizabeth City North Carolina is a devoted Pack Mule user.  They have a large fleet of Pack Mule stock chasers, some over 13 years old and “still kickin!”  This facility is the sole supply depot to support the entire Coast Guard’s operations in North America, fulfilling mission-critical operations in protection of lives and property.  And it is a huge facility indeed.

According to the facility manager, their Pack Mules average 5.7 miles per day, 7 days per week, and only require re-charging once per week and routine maintenance every 90 days. These Pack Mules are instrumental in keeping the entire Coast Guard supplied with the parts and other materials necessary to maintain the Coast Guards air planes and helicopters in a high state of readiness to meet whatever threats may arise.  When a mission critical air craft is sidelined due to maintenance and replacement parts are required, it is imperative that the parts be shipped immediately so the craft can be back in service to save lives and prevent threats to America’s security.  Appropriately, the Aviation Logistic Center moto is “We keep em’ flying”!

Since their initial purchase of Pack Mules back in the 1990s, the Coast Guard has been a loyal customer, consistently adding to their Pack Mule fleet to meet the growing requirements of their mission.