Pack Mule Electric Utility Vehicle Accessories


LED Head Light - EV-E210

See and be Seen with Pack Mule’s optional LED Front Cyclops Light. This headlight lets your Pack Mule see around corners. Yes it really can!

LED Tail Light - EV-E210

Be Safe! Make sure your Pack Mule can be seen from behind with Pack Mule’s optional LED Tail Light

Strobe Light - EV-E191

Be safe; make sure that others can see you with a Pack Mule Strobe Light

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LED Brake Light - EV-E183

Slowing down or bringing your Pack Mule to a Stop? Be safe and make sure everyone knows it with Pack Mule’s optional brake light. Must be ordered with the optional tail light.

Ergonomic Mat - EV-F137

Are your operators standing up on their Pack Mule’s all day? For maximum operator comfort equip your Pack Mule with our optional Ergonomic Mat. Comfortable operators are more productive.

Non Marking Solid Rubber Tires - EV-W438

Don’t want black tire marks on your floors? Then order your Pack Mule with Solid non-marking tires. You can also forget about flat tires or about having to periodically put air in the tires.

Large Clipboard - EV-F047

Keep a clipboard attached to your vehicle at all times. Also comes in small (EV-F046).

Solid Rubber Tires - EV-W448

Forget about flat tires or having to periodically check and fill the standard pneumatic tires up to the proper inflation.

Soft Solid Tires - EV-W450/EV-450-5

No more flat tires. Soft solid tires give an optimally smooth ride and virtually negate tire maintenance.

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Foam filled Tires - EV-W418

Forget about flat tires or having to periodically check and fill the standard pneumatic tires up to the proper inflation. The lower cost alternative to solid tires.

5 Step Ladder - EV-F042

Need to grab something slightly out of reach? Add our optional 5-Step ladder with hand holds for maximum stability and safety. A 6 step ladder is also an available option (EV-F043).

Slide-Out Battery Configuration - EV-F065-xx

Are you planning to work your Pack Mules in a multiple shift application now or perhaps in the future? Make sure to configure your Pack Mule for slide-out batteries.

Battery Watering System - EV-E900-x

Make sure it’s easy to water your Pack Mule’s batteries with our Pack Mule Battery Watering System. Remember it’s important to keep your batteries filled to the proper level and this option make it easy to do.

12-Volt Power Outlets - EV-E255

Do you need to power accessories? If so then equip your Pack Mule with our optional 12-volt power outlets.

Programming Handset - EV-E181

Program your Pack Mule’s personality to your liking. Adjust the forward and reverse speed, degree of regenerative braking and acceleration. The Programming Hand Set also facilitates an operator training program by enabling the performance of the Pack Mule to be reduced during the operator training period.

Programmable Security Keypad - EV-E901

Allows the setting of a security code to operate the vehicle.

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Reverse Beeper Alarm - EV-E159

Creates and audible alarm when the vehicle is in reverse. Pack Mule also offers the same alarm that will function whenever the vehicle is moving whether it is driving forward or in reverse (EV-E149). Alarm volume is adjustable.

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Horn Button Knee Pad - EV-E056

Allows the user to maintain full control of the vehicle and honk the horn at the same time (only available on stock chasers).

Blue Safety Light - EV-E213M

Projects a high-intensity blue spot ahead of the vehicle as a warning

Battery Mule - BM-01

Changing battery packs isn’t easy. With the Battery Mule, it is virtually effortless.

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AGM Battery Upgrade - EV-E036-AGM-36 (36 volt)

AGM batteries come with a 5-year warranty and require no maintenance.

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AC Drive System

Go green with our optional AC drive system and improve vehicle performance.

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Galvanized Deck - EV-F058

Have special requirements in your facility? Galvanized decks are always an option.

Upper Cargo Deck - EV-F212

Need some extra deck space? Add another deck up top!

USB Connector & Auxiliary Plug - EV-E255

To operate 12-volt accessories.

Floor Horn Button EV-E120

Allows the operator to keep his hands on the wheel at all times.

Custom Paint Color - EV-E202

ANY color you want.

Parking Brake - EV-D510 (Standup) EV-D510-SD (Sitdown)

Securely lock the brakes on your vehicle.

Industrial Battery - EV-E036-24IB

For multiple shift applications. Rapid and Opportunity Charging capable. Contact factory for information.

Auto-Coupling Hitch - EV-F133

Clevis 1" Pin Hitch - EV-F135

Spring Loaded Pin & Clevis Hitch 1" - EV-F130

Deadman Foot Presence Switch - EV-E128

Prohibits unsafe operation.

NexSys Battery System

The NexSys battery system provides a maintenance-free solution with super rapid-charge capability, eliminating the need for exchanging the battery pack in most multiple shift applications. The system includes a battery monitoring system and an alarm to alert the operator that the battery requires recharging.  At 80% depth of discharge, the batteries can be recharged in 1.5 hours or less.  Please contact us to discuss your particular application at 1-800-241-2869.