Up To 50%

with AC Power.

What makes Pack Mule NXG Superior?

Advanced AC Motor

Pack Mule uses a 3-phase sealed AC induction motor, providing up to 40% greater efficiency than its DC counterparts. It creates significantly more torque, faster acceleration, and it's maintenance free. These are the same reasons that Tesla and other automakers are using AC motors in their electric vehicles.

Regenerative Braking

Pack Mule's dual regenerative braking harnesses kinetic energy to return charge to the batteries in two stages, as soon as the operator's foot is lifted from the accelerator and when braking is applied.

When combined with AC motor responsiveness and advance onboard controllers, it can provide shorter stops when the vehicle is heavily loaded, towing a large load or going down an incline.

Better Equipment

Batteries: The industry standard battery is 185-210 amp/hour. Pack Mule vehicles come standard with 245 amp/hour batteries. That means more power when you need it and less time downtime.

Tires: The industry standard tire is low PSI, load range B. Pack Mule vehicles come standard with Load Range C, 90 PSI tires which are safer, reduce roll friction and increase runtime.

  • UP TO TWICE THE RUNTIME: Using A/C power, dual stage regenerative braking, industry-leading 245 A/H batteries, and 90 psi low-rolling-friction tires.
  • WORK SMARTER: With every acceleration, every turn, and every brake, Pack Mule's technology is along for the ride, adding regenerative charging and safety features that reduce accident risk and keep you at peak performance.
  • VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE-FREE: With a sealed brushless motor, sealed bearings, sealed transaxle and a contact-free hall effect potentiometer.
  • THREE YEAR WARRANTY, NO HOURS OF USE LIMIT: The longest warranty in the industry, covering labor, materials and freight.
  • STURDIER CONSTRUCTION: Fully welded 14-gauge steel construction and 6-ply, Load Range C tires.
  • YOUR VEHICLE YOUR WAY: Get the exact configuration you need and delivered up to 80% quicker than other manufacturers.
You'll find NXG AC Power in every Pack Mule Vehicle


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