Pack Mule requires that all its products be registered.  We do this to better service our customers in two ways.  First, this allows us to quickly identify the original purchasers of our products to confirm their entitlements to make claims under our industry-leading 3-year warranty (see link below), and secondly, it allows us to be able to reach the owners of our products in the (unlikely) event that we should need to pass along Technical Service Bulletins or Recall Notifications.

Pack Mule's Industry-Leading 3-Year Warranty

To register your Pack Mule product, please fill out the form below.


    Where did you learn about Pack Mule? Are you an existing customer? Who chose to purchase your Pack Mule product? What other products are you considering for your facility? Check all that apply. How will you maintain your Pack Mule? Why did you choose Pack Mule?

    By agreeing, the registrar is providing information to Wesley International LLC for the purpose of contacting the product user to provide important notices such as service, maintenance and safety bulletins, product recall notices, and similar information (hereafter "Notices").

    Wesley will not sell, rent, or share your contact information with third-parties.

    This agreement represents and warrants to Wesley International LLC that (1) the contact information provided in this form is the correct contact information that Wesley International LLC should use to provide the user of the registered product with Notices, (2) the registrar accepts responsibility for updating this information should the owner’s and user’s contact information change by sending an email with the updated contact information and product serial number to and (3) Wesley International is authorized to rely on the information so provided.

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