Wesley International Warranty Administration Process

Wesley International provides an industry-leading three-year warranty on its Pack Mule industrial electric vehicles and trailers and on its Pallet Mule pallet jacks for registered first owners of the product. It also provides a straight forward method for making a claim under the warranty. It is the user’s responsibility to promptly register the product.

What the Warranty Covers:

In the event of a failure due to manufacturing or parts defects, the Warranty covers repair/replacement costs including labor, parts, and parts shipping for the registered first owner of the vehicle for a period of three years.

What the Warranty Does Not Cover:

The Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Initial setup and programming of the vehicle’s controller
  • Adjustments to the brakes or to controller settings
  • Product failure attributable to improper or abusive use, lack of proper preventative maintenance, unauthorized alterations to the product or the use of unauthorized replacement parts on the product
  • Batteries, tires, and wheels. These are covered by the respective manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Damage in transit. This is the responsibility of the freight carrier.

The Warranty Claims Process:

In the event of a product or part failure, following the steps below will allow Wesley International and its partner dealers to resolve the claim as quickly as possible. The steps are:

(1) Contact Wesley International either by phone at (404) 292-7441 or by using the claims form on the web site. Because Pack Mule industrial electric vehicles have sophisticated on-board diagnostics, many problems can be diagnosed, and some can be resolved without a service call. If the issue cannot be resolved without a service call, Wesley will contact the nearest preferred service provider with a Warranty Claim number and any relevant information.

(2) Parts will be shipped freight prepaid within 24 hours of notification. If a service call is not required, the parts will be shipped directly to the customer and the customer is responsible for returning the replaced parts. An invoice will be created when the part is shipped. A mailing label and RMA number will be included in the box with the replacement part.

(3) On inspection and testing of the RMA parts by Wesley (and, if required, by the part manufacturer), a warranty disposition will be made. It will be either:

a) Warranty approved. A credit will be issued for the warranty part(s) used.

b) Warranty denied. There will be no allowance for the parts and the open parts invoice is due and payable. The parts found to be not defective will be returned to the product owner at the owner’s expense on request, and the cost of the return freight will be charged to the owner.