Warranty Claims Process

In the event of a product or part failure, Wesley International will resolve your warranty claim as quickly as possible. Here's how we do it:


Pack Mule industrial electric vehicles have sophisticated onboard diagnostics, so many issues can be determined remotely. If this is not successful, Wesley International will contact the nearest preferred service provider to assist you as quickly as possible.


If replacement parts are needed they are normally shipped within 24 hours. If a service call is not required for part replacement or installation, Wesley International will send the part(s) along with an invoice directly to the customer. The customer is responsible for returning faulty parts using the provided RMA and shipping label.


On inspection and testing of the returned RMA parts by Wesley International and/or the part manufacturer, a determination will be made for a warranty disposition. 

If it is determined faulty, the warranty claim will be approved and a credit will be issued for the warranty part(s) used.

If it is determined to not be covered under warranty, there will be no allowance for the parts and the invoice will then be due and payable. The parts found to be non-defective will be returned to the product owner upon request at the owner's expense.

Do not engage in warranty service or repair prior to filing a claim

At Pack Mule, we value transparency throughout our sales, service, and support process. That's why our warranty, claims, and administration policies are readily available. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us.

How to File a Warranty claim

Confirm that your product is registered with Wesley International. Products must be registered within 90 days of purchase to qualify for warranty coverage. We will consider unregistered product warranty claims, but only after the product has been immediately registered.


Complete and submit the Tech Support request form. You will then be contacted by a Wesley representative to gather any further information and to provide you with a warranty claim number, which you will need through the remainder of the process.


Follow instructions provided by our Tech Support team to resolve the issue or escalate the claim if this is not possible.

Do not engage any service technician without an approved
Warranty Service Authorization Form (provided by Wesley Tech Support)

Warranty Administration Process

1. General

1.1 Wesley International LLC ("Wesley"), maker of Pack Mule and Pallet Mule products, offers the Industry Leading Warranty to the registered first owner of the products it sells as evidenced by registration of the warranty by the purchaser of the product within ninety days of the date of purchase. Dealers are expected to assure that this is done so that their customers' warranties will be recognized.

1.2 The Warranty does not cover: (a) initial set up and programming of the controller, (b) adjustments to the brakes or to the controller settings, (c) problems attributable to improper or abusive use, lack of proper preventive maintenance, unauthorized alternations to the product or the use of unauthorized replacement parts on the product, (d) batteries, tires, and wheels (which are covered by warranties from manufacturers), or (e) shipping damage (which is the responsibility of the freight carrier).

1.3 The required steps are listed in the above Warranty Claim Process.

2. Payment for Warranty Service

2.1 Invoices for warranty service must be:

2.2 Accompanied by a Notice of Warranty Claim provided by Wesley and a Warranty Service Report provided by Wesley to be completed by the service provider.

2.3 Submitted within thirty (30) days of the date of actual repair to warranty@packmule.com. Faxed or mailed invoices will not be accepted. Warranty claims received after 30 days of the repair completion are subject to rejection.

3. Warranty Replacement Parts ("RMA Parts")

3.1 All warranty parts will be sent UPS ground. If parts must be sent second day or next day, it will be at the expense of the product owner. Warranty parts will be billed to the product owner when sent, but the bill will be eliminated by a credit, provided the defective parts are received by Wesley within 15 days of the date of the shipment of the warranty parts, and they are determined by Wesley (in its reasonable judgment) to be defective. The billing for any allegedly defective parts not so received and determined must be paid. Any parts determined not to be defective will be returned to the product owner (or the owner's service provider), and the owner will be billed for the freight in returning them.

3.2 No parts are to be returned to Wesley without the proper RMA paperwork. This paperwork will be sent out in the box with the replacement parts along with a prepaid return label. This return label must be used, as it has the RMA number as the reference number. This and the RMA paperwork tell Wesley what invoice needs to be credited. Without it, Wesley's billing for the return parts will remain payable.

3.3 Upon inspection of the RMA parts by Wesley (and in some instances inspection and testing by the supplier of the parts), one of the following steps will be taken:

3.31 Warranty Approved: A credit will be issued for the warranty part(s) used.

3.32 Warranty Denied: There will be no allowance for the parts used and the open parts invoice is due and payable. The parts found to be not defective will be returned to the product owner at the owner's expense (if the owner or its service provider so requests) and the cost of the return freight will be charged to the owner.

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