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What customers think of you after doing business is the real test.

That's why we're very proud of our TRUSTPILOT rating. Here are a few of our customer comments. You can see over 500 more here.

Just what we were looking for. Quick shipping, excellent price. This is our fifth set of Pack Mules and are extremely happy.

    - Brian, August 2017

Great Customer Service ...provided excellent service for followup on a warranty issue. This is a top-notch manufacturing company I've dealt with over a few decades.
      - John, August 2017

Great product and customer service. We were able to get demo equipment at our facility to trial for 4 weeks-- can't say enough good things about the experience. Was extremely beneficial to have the equipment on our shop floor for operator's to test and give thoughts and feedback. Very helpful, responsive, overall great experience.
    - Scott, July 2017

Customer Service is top shelf, products are way above anything in the industry for dependability. Whenever any of our other brands of equipment goes bad we replace it with the Pack Mule brand.
Don, July 2017

This piece of equipment has quickly become a very vital piece to our operation. The way it performs far exceeds our expectations. We use it on different surfaces and it continues to perform excellent. We are very happy with our purchase and it's ability to help us service our customers better.
      - David, June 2017

Pack Mule assisted in the selection and implementation of tugger carts for our manufacturing plant. They also offer upgrades with allow for reduced noise for their carts. Very helpful and they make a quality product.
    - Marc, June 2017

Expedient. Friendly, fast and affordable. A pleasure to do business with.


    - Chris, August 2017

Pack Mule Industrial Electric Towing Carts

Just what we were looking for. Quick shipping, excellent price. This is our fifth set of Pack Mules and we are extremely happy.


      - Michael, August 2017


Pack Mule helped us modify their products to our specific environment. It was done quickly and professionally.

- Wayne, May 2017

Thank you so much for providing timely design and costing estimates to assist us in our proposal to supply seven quad steer True Tracer trailers. The Pack Mule solution was superior in quality and options offered as well as a much better deliver for the end user.

- Michael, February 2017


Great piece of equipment, long battery life, ease of use, quality built. Tugger drivers are happy!


- Slobodan, March 2017

Great support! Great product!
      - Dave, April 2017


The staff was very friendly and helpful. They were great to work with.
      - George, March 2017


Everyone is always friendly, and the service and response time is great.
      - John, March 2017


Quick and easy, and the stock chaser is the best on the market.
      - Tim, March 2017


I needed a Pack Mule delivered as soon as possible, and they delivered within 3 days. Just what I needed.
Lester, March 2017


I have used your product for two years now. There's nothing like it on the market!
Chris, February 2017

We now own five Pack Mules, and our people love them! They make life easier and safer for our staff and no doubt more efficient - which our customers love.

- Brian, January 2017


Requested information for a possible purchase of a cart…information was sent via email right away. Was nice to see we did not have to wait 2 or 3 days for information. Great response.


- Thomas, May 2017

Excellent customer service. Quick and responsive.
      - Richard, May 2017


Everyone is always friendly, and the service and response time is great.
      - John, March 2017


They are very customer service oriented and have a quality product. I would recommend them to anyone and would buy from them again.
      - Lisa, April 2017

Great service, and they were able to get us a demo to our building in less than a week.
      - Eric, April 2017


Try a PACK MULE vehicle and trailer in your facility.
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We've been helping manufacturers and distributors move materials horizontally for more than 60 years, and we've learned what customers need to get the job done. That's the reason we build PACK MULE to a higher standard and why we encourage you to test them in your facility, doing your work.

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