Pack Mule's brand, visuals and common phrases used to describe our products help us maintain a strong brand identity. In keeping with our standard of high quality products, reliable customer service and dedicated support, we expect our sales representatives to uphold the standards of the Pack Mule brand.

The guidelines below are to provide dealerships and sales representatives info on how to appropriately use the Pack Mule brand.

Logo Usage

Preferred Logos

Where appropriate the following logo is the preferred design to be used to represent Pack Mule, including the "Little Mule" logo to the left of the Pack Mule name stacked.


Below are the approved horizontal and vertical brands for Pack Mule for use when appropriate.



Inappropriate Use

  • Do not tilt, rotate or change the color of any part.
  • Do not substitute or change the type.
  • Do not distort, stretch or change the shape.
  • Do not place on top of a busy background.
  • Do not add a shadow, bevel, or other Photoshop effect.
  • Do not add or place inside a border.
  • Do not integrate the logo into other logos or graphics.

Pack Mule Yellow

Pack Mule Yellow is a color that makes us stand out! When the option is given for color please use Pack Mule Yellow.

Here are some of the methods in which Pack Mule Yellow can be reproduced:

CMYK:  C0, M20, Y100, K0
Pantone: 116C
Web:  #ffcd00

The "Little Mule" should not be filled in with Pack Mule Yellow and should remain white as displayed below.


Download Logos

All logo variations are available to download via dropbox.

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