Creating the Maintenance-Free Vehicle

Pack Mule Industrial Electric Burden Carrier Vehicles

So-called “routine” maintenance is expensive, consuming valuable resources just to keep the machines running. Failing to do routine maintenance is even more expensive; the result is downtime and repairs.

Now, however, the choice is no longer doing the maintenance (and paying for it now) or failing to do it (and paying for it later). With Pack Mule you can choose options that make your electric industrial vehicle essentially maintenance free. Here are the components of the maintenance-free vehicle:



Arguably the most maintenance-intensive components of the vehicle are the batteries. Watering your batteries is vital for both battery performance and battery life. Unless you have a Pack Mule with an absorbed glass mat option or lithium ion batteries. These batteries require no periodic maintenance whatsoever, including watering.

Not only do these batteries save all of the time usually devoted to battery maintenance and the costs of replacing damaged batteries when the maintenance isn’t properly performed, but they eliminate the need to worry about battery performance at all: both types come with a 2-year, non-prorated warranty.



Just as with batteries, tire options have traditionally been limited to one of two less than optimal choices: enjoy the smooth ride of the pneumatic tire and take the time to maintain it, or choose the solid tire, eliminate the maintenance, and endure the bumpy ride. Now Pack Mule offers “Soft Solid” tires that provide the smooth ride of the pneumatic tire without the maintenance. The soft solid time also eliminates the possibility of getting a flat tire; it can literally run over a protruding nail and keep on rolling because the tire is filled with solid rubber.

Pack Mule Soft Solid Tires For Industrial Electric Vehicles


Now every electric vehicle manufactured by Pack Mule comes with fully sealed bearings, eliminating yet another expensive, time-consuming maintenance task. Unsealed bearings (which are very common with other manufacturers) must be lubricated on a regular basis. If they are not, failure is eventually inevitable. Sealed bearings are lubricated during manufacture, and this is a one-time process. Having to lubricate unsealed bearings creates the possibility of other problems, such as under- or over-lubrication or contamination. In addition, bearings are often in hard-to-reach places, resulting in unnecessary disassembly; creating yet another waste of time and the possibility of vehicle damage.


Induction Hardened Gears and Sprockets: Induction hardening is the process of electromagnetically heating an object then quickly quenching said object. The benefit of this is the production of a much harder and brittle metal that is far less susceptible to damage and wear. This is yet another example of avoiding maintenance, especially for power users who rely so heavily on these vehicles.


Pack Mule vehicles are all coated with 14 and 10-gauge diamond-plated steel. This heavy, externally-protruding steel is strong enough to protect internal components from strong collisions and hits. Unlike many others’ vehicles, Pack Mules are genuinely diamond-plated, meaning you will not see the diamond-shaped indentations on the inside of the vehicle.

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