Pack Mule Industrial Electric Airport Vehicles


Pack Mule offers a variety of “best-in-class” electric vehicle airport tugs for moving personnel, baggage and other materials in and around Airports (International, Regional and Private). Airline customers include Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Canada Air, Smart Carte, and the US Coast Guard. These products include:

  • Tow Vehicles: for towing towable carts and trailers to move luggage, maintenance materials, food service supplies and other materials and equipment.
  • Personnel Carriers: for transporting personnel (and materials if needed), as well towing on select models.
  • Stock Chasers: for picking and delivering parts and materials for repairs.
  • Maintenance Vehicles: for transporting maintenance personnel and the tools and materials needed to complete repairs.
  • Burden Carriers: for transporting materials, including luggage, food service, tools, equipment, and replacement parts.

Pack Mule Industrial Electric Burden Carrier Vehicles
Pack Mule Industrial Electric Stock Chaser Vehicles
Pack Mule Industrial Electric Tow Vehicles
Pack Mule Industrial Electric Personnel Carrier Vehicles


Pack Mule only offers airport tugs that are demonstrably superior to the alternatives otherwise available in the market. Primary differentiators include:

  • Industry Leading 245 amp/hour Batteries to assure superior runtime and battery life,
  • Industry Leading Three Ply, Load Range C Tires to assure superior durability and decreased turning friction to extend runtime,
  • Industry’s Only “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guaranty to assure absolute customer satisfaction,
  • Industry’s Only Guaranteed 48 Hour (or less) After Market Parts Support to assure minimal downtime in unlikely event of unscheduled maintenance requiring replacement of parts, and
  • Industry Leading 3 Year-Warranty, covering parts, labor and freight.

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Our Mission is to serve (not to sell), so we hope that the information we can provide leads you to choose the product that is right for their specific application and budget. Whatever product you ultimately choose, we hope that it will serve you well in meeting the needs of your customers!

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