Wesley International Braselton Bash Event

Pack Mule Industrial Electric Warehouse Stock Chaser VehiclesAtlanta, Georgia, September 22, 2014 – Wesley International Pack Mule Supports local Charity event – On Saturday September 20th, 2014, Wesley International Pack Mule (local manufacturers of industrial Electric Vehicles and Trailers) attended the 9th Annual Chip Foose Edition Braselton Bash in Braselton, Georgia to benefit the Hot Rodders Children’s Charity.

Wesley International partnered with The Industrial Depot of Gainesville, Georgia in support of the Braselton Bash. The Bash is an annual car show and rally centered around the well-known Automotive Designer and Reality TV Show host – Chip Foose and benefits a wonderful cause. Year One puts on the show and dedicates their entire operation for the weekend to host Chip Foose and the event.

Wesley International provided one of their most popular models, the SC-775 “Stock Chaser” staged at the Large Industrial Depot Tent. The Stock Chaser helped show providers transport necessary items throughout the show grounds to help keep the event running smoothly.

While being used at the show, the Pack Mule Stock Chaser attracted a lot of attention. Users commented on how useful the product was and were impressed with its attention to quality engineering and durable design. Many participants that work on their show cars every day, commented on how low the maintenance was on the Pack Mule electric vehicles when they looked closely at it. Minimum maintenance is a value that Wesley International Pack Mule designs into every one of their innovative products.

After seeing it at the show, Wesley International will be supplying demonstration unit Pack Mule Electric Vehicles and trailers to show participants that want to now use it in their business. Wesley International Pack Mule looks forward to providing even more support and products at next year’s 10th annual Bash!

For over 50 years, Wesley remains unique in both the pallet truck, electric industrial vehicle and trailer industries in its ability to provide engineered-to-ordered solutions on a cost effective and timely basis. Wesley is the custom equipment provider of choice for many users both inside and outside the United States.

Wesley’s product line includes industrial electric vehicles such as stock chasers, burden carriers, personnel carriers and tow vehicles which are marketed under the brand name “Pack Mule”. Wesley’s line of trailers and carts enhance the usage of electric vehicles in lean manufacturing and distribution channels.