Pack Mule Industrial Electric Stock Chaser

Order a quality, built to last, SC-775 or SCT-775 Stock Chasers now and it ships in 48 hours.

Pack Mule is proud to provide our customers with quick shipping on two of our most popular standard Stock Chaser models.

Offer Includes: 

  • SC-775 and SCT-775 Models Only
  • 24,36 &48 Volt
  • AGM Batteries
  • 4-5 Step Ladders (On 36-48 Volt Units Only)
  • Protective Front Guard with Rubber Bumper
  • Programmable Key Pad
  • Head light, Tail Light, Brake Light
  • Reverse Beeper and Motion Alarm
  • Blue Safety Light
  • All Tire Options

Exclusions: Holidays and weekends, Industrial Batteries, Li-Ion Battery, Pure Lead Batteries, Pod Desk, Custom Hitches, Custom Colors, Removable Battery Systems, Additional Counter Weight for 24-Volt SC with ladder option.

All orders subject to factory order confirmation.