James Folger, National Accounts Manager

James Folger, Director of Electric Vehicle Product Group for Pack Mule

In the markets we serve, one size does not fit all. So, we make each Pack Mule to the specs the customer chooses based on our expert factory consultative process. We can do this quickly and economically because we have designed our products to be configurable, and we have designed our process so we can produce a wide variety of variations quickly.

For example, we offer over 6,000 variations of our Stock Chaser model alone! And we can ship them within 48 hours of receiving the order.

What are some of the potential ideas and benefits that customers may receive from this process?


A stock chaser for order picking in a facility with a long commute between the picking area and the shipping area might benefit from:

(a) Extended deck, shelf or tugger upgrade (so it can tow one or more trailers), increasing the payload/trip and possibly reducing the required number of vehicles and operators,
(b) 36 volt electrical system to increase run-time (or a 48 volt system to increase both run-time and speed), and
(c) AC drive system to increase run-time and reduce maintenance.


A facility that does not have a dedicated maintenance resource might benefit from:

(a) AGM batteries (that do not require periodic watering) to increase run-time and extend the life of the batteries,
(b) Soft solid tires to increase run-time and extend the life of the batteries (when tire pressure is not maintained in pneumatic tires, they generate more friction which uses more energy, resulting in loss of run-time and battery life), and
(c) AC drive system that uses a brushless motor which eliminates the necessity of changing the motor brushes periodically.

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