Troubleshooting Guide: Error Code 23

Relevant Product: All vehicles with model # ending in "CA"

EV's Produced After: April 29, 2011

Other Indicators: Pot Box Issues- Vehicle Will Not Operate

Corrective Actions


Check Coil Spring on Pot Box: If the coil spring is broken on the side of the pot box, it will not return the arm on the pot box throttle to resting position resulting in Code 23 to appear. If you determine the spring is damaged, you will need to replace either the spring or the complete pot box. In the event that you do not know how to adjust the new spring back to the correct positioning for the lever to work, we suggest replacing the whole pot box as it comes pre-adjusted for installation.


Misadjusted Pot Box: Adjustments to the spring have to be in optimal operating function for the pot box to work correctly. If the spring is not adjusted correctly, it can cause Code 23 to appear. If you are unsure of how to make the adjustments where they should be, this would be reasoning to purchase a whole pot box as it comes pre-adjusted for installation.


Misadjusted Brakes: If the vehicle's brakes have been adjusted too tightly, the accelerator pedal will assume the brakes and motor are on at the same time causing the vehicle to not operate and Code 23 to appear. If this is the case, the brakes will need to be readjusted to the correct tension before trying to operate the vehicle.