Troubleshooting Guide: Error Code 31

Relevant Product: All vehicles with model # ending in "CA"

EV's Produced After: April 29, 2011

Other Indicators: Electric Field Short

Corrective Actions


Check Main Contactor: Your main contactor's coil could potentially be defective. To check for this, you will need to use a multimeter to check the coil's continuity. If there is no continuity, you will need to replace the main contactor.


Possible Field Motor Winding is Shorted: It's possible the field motor winding is shorted to either battery positive or battery negative. This can be checked with a multimeter to determine if this is the problem triggering Code 31 to appear.


Field Resistance Could Be Too Low Due to Corrosion: If you have a field motor winding that is shorted to either the battery positive or battery negative, it could be from corrosion inside the motor causing the field resistance to be too low. In this case, you would need to replace the motor. This can be checked with a multimeter.


Check for Tight Connections: There are 4 wires from the motor to the controller. Make sure you do not have any loose connections on the motor or controller. If these are loose, it can trigger Code 31 to appear.

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