Troubleshooting Guide: Error Code F22004

Relevant Product: All Pack Mule NXG Series vehicles

EV's Produced After: May 2017

Other Indicators: Vehicle will not move even though the accelerator pedal is being pressed.

Corrective Actions


Follow Proper Start-Up Sequence: Pack Mule's Safe Start System is a safety feature designed to prevent unintended motion. It prevents the vehicle from moving unless (1) the direction switch is in neutral position and (2) the accelerator pedal is not being depressed when the key switch is turned to the "On" position. Failure to follow the proper startup sequence will prevent the vehicle from starting and will trigger Code F22004. To make the Code F22004 disappear, simply release the accelerator pedal.


Check Whether Something Is Preventing Accelerator Pedal from Being in Proper Position: Check for objects inhibiting proper position and motion of accelerator pedal. Examine the underside of the operator's platform for anything obstructing correct functionality of the accelerator pedal.


Faulty Directional Switch: To check if the directional switch is faulty, you will need to do the following; (1) Turn vehicle off (2) Put unit in "forward" or "reverse" position (3) Turn unit back on. At this point, the directional switch should trigger Code F22004. If the screen does not display this code then the vehicle's computer did not receive the input from the directional switch and the switch could be defective. To clear Code F22004 after testing switch, simply turn the vehicle off and start again with the directional switch in "Neutral" and the accelerator pedal being pressed.


Examine Brakes: Check whether brake springs (2) are damaged or broken. This can prevent the vehicle from being put in operable status.


Check Operator's Manual: Reference to this code can also be found on page 20 of the Owners Manual.

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