Troubleshooting Guide: Error Code F44001

Relevant Product: All Pack Mule NXG Series vehicles

EV's Produced After: May 2017

Other Indicators: Line Contactor Does Not Close When Coil Is Energized

Corrective Actions


Check Line Contactor/Power Solenoid: Conduct a continuity test on coil. This can be checked by the readings on a multimeter.


Voltage at the Battery's Terminals: Confirm there is voltage at the coil's (line contactor/power solenoid) terminals using a multimeter. If there is a short circuit or open circuit, the line contactor will need to be replaced.


Possible Stuck Solenoid: If you have diagnosed there is not an open circuit or short circuit and you have voltage at the coil's terminals, then you most likely have a stuck solenoid. A mechanical fault can cause the solenoid to be stuck and the solenoid will need to be replaced to make Code F44001 to dissapear.