Troubleshooting Guide: Error Code F53003

Relevant Product: All Pack Mule NXG Series vehicles

EV's Produced After: May 2017

Other Indicators: MOSFET Short Circuit Detected on M1

Corrective Actions


Check Motor Wiring: There are 3 cables attached from the motor to the controller. These need to be inspected for the following possible issues listed below:

1. Tight Connections: Confirm all connections are tight. These cables will be going from the motor to the controller and will need to be checked on both ends.

2. Insulation: Check to make sure the insulation to the cables are intact.

3. Crimps in Cables: Examine all 3 cables to check the integrity and any crimps that could be causing a miscommunication from the motor to the controller.


Possible Debris: You can also check for any kind of debris around the motor terminals and controller. That could result in a short circuit causing Code F53003 to appear.

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